Jungle, Dubstep & Drum and Bass Night
w. Inuza Bass [ BREAKOUT-SARDINIA / DEEP in the Island ] Sardinia
Kado, Polluterz and Kappasaur [ B.U.M. ]

Bandolero Movement [7KW impianto autocostruito]
Bunker – OZ Bologna – Via Calzoni 2
Autobus 61 e 25N – uscita 7 tangenziale

TICKET: 3 euro
Ingresso riservato ai soci AICS (costo tessera 8 euro)

“It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If you don’t want to listen to it, jog on. Don’t care. Go and listen to something else – because there’s something else for young kids, maybe.” Goldie


• 23.30 – 01.00 > Kado (oldskool dubstep) [b.u.m.]
• 01.00 – 02.30 > Polluterz (drum’n’bass) [b.u.m.]
• 02.30 – 04.00 > Inuza (beats, footwork, drum’n’bass) [Breakout Sardinia / Deep In The Island] Sardinia
• 04.00 – 05.30 > Kappasaur (drum’n’bass) [b.u.m.]


➟ Autobus 25N dalle fermate:
Mille, stazione Centrale piazza Unita
Scendere Fermata cignani – Dalla fermata ad OZ > https://goo.gl/maps/ZDEU4EMiVjT2
Orario di andata e ritorno > https://www.tper.it/content/linea-notturna-25n-dozza-mille

➟ Autobus 61 dalle fermate:
Porta San Donato,Sferisterio, Mille, Stazione Centrale, Autostazione
Scendere Fermata Stalingrado – Dalla fermata ad OZ > https://goo.gl/maps/rDhH4DTVgeM2
Orari di andata e ritorno > https://www.tper.it/content/linea-61-massarenti-battindarno-notturno

➟ Taxi Cotabo da via Indipendenza o dalla Stazione Centrale
(costo corsa intera 9-10 Euro) Info: http://www.cotabo.it/clienti/servizi/calcola-i-costi/

➟ Associazione Culturale Cobr.Ass – NAVETTE & EVENTI x ASSOCIATI – Bologna – CHIAMATA NAVETTE COBR.ASS: Tel. 3 2 7 0 6 3 9 4 5 9
TESSERAMENTO ON LINE GRATUITO su www.cobrassociazione.it

➟ In bici o a piedi: 10-15 min da Ponte Stalingrado

➟ In macchina: Via Calzoni 2 – uscita 7 della tangenziale

Inuza [Breakout Sardinia / Deep In The Island] Sardinia

Inuza is a component of Breakout Sardinia and the owner of Deep In The Island crew. Pragmatical junglist, dj of few words, always absorbed in the right track research, ranges from liquid to jungle, from beats to footwork up to neuro into one emotional flow all over his sets. His self-denial to the tracks selection and the intimate connection between his feelings and the vector of his sets bringed him until the 4th position, among other 100 competitors, in the final dj’s competition of sunandbass 2015.