Jungle, Dubstep & Drum and Bass Night
w. Dj Saiman [ Impulse Berlin / BLN.FM ] Berlin
Kado, OXEN and Ninjoh [ B.U.M. ]

Bandolero Movement [7KW impianto autocostruito]
Bunker – OZ Bologna – Via Calzoni 2
Offerta libera “up to you”

Ingresso riservato ai soci AICS (costo tessera 8 euro)
INFOLINE +393298747228 (attiva il giorno dell’evento)

“It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If you don’t want to listen to it, jog on. Don’t care. Go and listen to something else – because there’s something else for young kids, maybe.” Goldie


• 23.30 – 01.00 > Kado (old skool dubstep) [b.u.m.]
• 01.00 – 01.30 > Oxen (beats) [b.u.m.]
• 01.30 – 03.00 > Saiman (dubstep) [Impulse / BLN.fm] Berlin
• 03.00 – 05.30 > Ninjoh b2b Oxen (drum’n’bass) [b.u.m.]


➟ Autobus 25N dalle fermate:
Mille, stazione Centrale piazza Unita
Scendere Fermata cignani – Dalla fermata ad OZ > https://goo.gl/maps/ZDEU4EMiVjT2
Orario di andata e ritorno > https://www.tper.it/content/linea-notturna-25n-dozza-mille

➟ Autobus 61 dalle fermate:
Porta San Donato,Sferisterio, Mille, Stazione Centrale, Autostazione
Scendere Fermata Stalingrado – Dalla fermata ad OZ > https://goo.gl/maps/rDhH4DTVgeM2
Orari di andata e ritorno > https://www.tper.it/content/linea-61-massarenti-battindarno-notturno

➟ Taxi Cotabo da via Indipendenza o dalla Stazione Centrale
(costo corsa intera 9-10 Euro) Info: http://www.cotabo.it/clienti/servizi/calcola-i-costi/

➟ In bici o a piedi: 10-15 min da Ponte Stalingrado

➟ In macchina: Via Calzoni 2 – uscita 7 della tangenziale

Saiman (dubstep) [Impulse / BLN.fm] Berlin
Resident DJ at Impulse Berlin hosting a monthly dubstep session on each 2nd Thursday of the month since September 2010. The Impulse sessions always take place in one of Berlin`s most respected clubs when it comes to sound, the wonderful ://about blank. He is/was also involved in other projects like SIGNALS and HYPE that both take/took place at the Subland, Berlin. In addition to that he is one of the promoters of the Tief Frequenz Festival. He toured with the dub/triphop/dubstep Band BRAINTHEFT through Europe and played at Dubstep Sessions in Berlin and the rest of Germany and play some international gigs from time to time.